work in progress

All about my Dad

Documentary essay
Shot in Super 8 & digital

Since I started making films, I had in mind this film I would make with my father, this film that would be about him. I wanted to talk about the past, to heal from it, to save myself from it. I wanted to film him as I like him, that he talks to me, that he tells me his stories. I wanted long walks, his daily life, just to be together. I wanted to go to that place he had been telling me about since I was a child: the mill hill.
Finally, the emergency made me film. Because he was told that he had very advanced throat cancer and and a month later his vocal cords would be removed. As luck would have it, I had a roll of Super 8 film waiting. So I filmed and recorded him, before he could no longer speak.

That's what this film is about: sound, speech, stories, memories.

It's a film to remember who my father was before all this, a film in which he continues to shine, accompanied by a bright sun at the mill hill. It's not a film about illness, but a happy film, full of life, a film to remember the sound of his voice.

Project pre-selected for GREC RUSH 2023