Psychedelic live performance

Since July 2022, I've been working on a liquid light show project. I experimented with different materials, inks and supports and came up with a first performance of almost thirty minutes during a residency at Le Bloc, an exhibition and experimental space in Poitiers. This project is intended to be played live, in collaboration with music groups or for any other relevant proposition.

Work on diapositives, projected at the FRAC Poitou-Charentes, in Angoulême, during the “Night of the Museums” 2023 (workshops offered with Nyktalop Mélodie Collective, Poitiers).

Super 8 processing with Caffenol

In August 2022, with Makeda Giron, resident at the Villa Bloch in Poitiers, we set up a film laboratory at the Bloc. I took advantage of this moment to test the processing with Caffenol of my super 8 Kodachrome 40 films, outdated since the 1970-1980s. Some of them gave no results, but others showed sepia images, sometimes ghostly.
These images were developed for my project To my dad, which is currently in progress.