Sun, Fleur bleu.e

Shot in Super 8

Production: France

Release: 10th December 2021
This clip was shot for the French pop group, Fleur bleu.e, in October 2021 in Paris.

The atmosphere of the clip is dreamy. It starts in a room where the singer evokes her search for a love that exists for her, somewhere in the world. The clip evolves towards the outside, following a silhouette walking on a sunny day. The two will meet at the end, exploding in sky splashes, flowers, skin, fragments of bodies.

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Tes Yeux, Château Forte

Live session
Shot in Super 8

Production: France

Release: 7th January 2021
Live session of the song "Tes Yeux" by the band Château Forte, shot in Super 8 at the house of Maria Casarès in Alloue, France.
Based on an idea by Kahina Le Querrec, January 2021.

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